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We have built them for the last 3 decades
for a wide range of businesses.

Digital Transformation

There’s a need for speed to cash in on digital technology!

You as well as your competitors are racing to:


Your business to do more remote work.

Automate Decisions

and vital workflows.

Digitially Transform

Your business to survive and thrive.

The Problem

Failed Projects & False Starts In AI Are Unfortunately Common And Costly.

Digital transformation is taking too long

You’re frustrated putting the pieces of this AI puzzle together. You’re awash in a sea of data yet your leaders still can’t get answers they need to quickly make high quality decisions to maximize profits. With all the amazing technology that has emerged, that’s just plain wrong!

The Journey

InCite Logix can guide you on this journey

We know what it’s like to deal with legacy business systems and technologies that need upgrading, having been there done that. Our world authority, award winning experts can guide you to solve the AI puzzle

See our 3 Step Process Below


Information Infrastructure Readiness

Check your INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE to assure it is at a high state of READINESS.
Don’t let your critical initiatives crash right out of the gate or not scale up.


Key business
problems and workflows

Apply Digital Twins, Simulation Modeling and Visualization to solve some of the world’s most difficult and complex business strategy problems.
How? Watch This!


Decision Making with AI / Machine Learning, Deep Learning, & other Digital Transformation Technologies

Our World Authority, Award Winning experts will guide you to launch an orderly sequence from pilot project to full scale to create the success you are aiming for.
Learn how in George Danner’s book,
The Executive’s How-To-Guide to Automation

What others are saying about us

Dave McComb

President Semantic Arts

I have just reviewed the results of an AI Readiness Review from InciteLogix. It is a very thorough, and thoughtful exercise. There are 100 questions, each of which may impinge on one’s future AI initiatives. Many people will answer “no” to many of these questions, which on the surface would indicate they may not be ready, or at least may not get optimal results from their upcoming AI projects. But help is right there. Every question has specific guidance on how to achieve the missing capability. In many cases there are websites, specific articles or books referenced, and in some cases the answer is just provided in a succinct paragraph. This is a great resource for a firm embarking on an AI project.

Rodney Adams


“The AIRR assessment highlighted what we needed to work on before we invested in Al, thus saving us time and money!”

Jeff Meyers

Associate Partner, IBM

“AIRR is an amazing Al diagnostic tool. After taking the assessment, I know exactly what areas of weakness to focus my data science team on!”