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Our Technology Partners are thought leaders in the AI space and have first-hand knowledge about how it affects enterprise decision making, human processes and corporate culture. We are passionate about how your company achieves success with this technology. To help you expand your knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, you need a place to start in your own understanding of the ramifications of AI.

We’d like to share information with you that will drastically change business outcomes. These books are truly firestarters. Let’s connect with this first step and explore what AI will mean to you, your company and your future.

We only ask that to redeem this offer, that you are in a corporate management role and your role depends on collected data to make important decisions. We’ll give you a courtesy follow-up call to see if you’re ready to take our AI Readiness assessment.

We want you to succeed. There’s no better time than now to get started.

Award-Winning Data Scientist, Author, Keynote, President – Business Laboratory

From driverless cars to pilotless planes, many functions that have previously required human labor can now be performed using artificial intelligence. For businesses, this use of AI results in reduced labor costs and, even more important, creating a competitive advantage.  How does one look at any organization and begin the work of automating it in sensible ways?

This book provides the blueprint for automating critical business functions of all kinds.  It outlines the skills and technologies that must be brought to bear on replicating human-like thinking and judgment in the form of algorithms. Many believe that algorithm design is the exclusive purview of computer scientists and experienced programmers.  This book aims to dispel that notion. An algorithm is merely a set of rules, and anyone with the ability to envision how different components of a business can interact with other components already has the ability to work in algorithms.

Though many fear that the use of automation in business means human labor will no longer be needed, the author argues that organizations will re-purpose humans into different roles under the banner of automation, not simply get rid of them. He also identifies parts of business that are best targeted for automation.

This book will arm business people with the tools needed to automate companies, making them perform better, move faster, operate cheaper, and provide great lasting value to investors.

Harvard Professor, Author, Keynote

The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation

Why an organization’s response to digital disruption should focus on people and processes and not necessarily on technology.

Digital technologies are disrupting organizations of every size and shape, leaving managers scrambling to find a technology fix that will help their organizations compete. This book offers managers and business leaders a guide for surviving digital disruptions―but it is not a book about technology. It is about the organizational changes required to harness the power of technology. The authors argue that digital disruption is primarily about people and that effective digital transformation involves changes to organizational dynamics and how work gets done. A focus only on selecting and implementing the right digital technologies is not likely to lead to success. The best way to respond to digital disruption is by changing the company culture to be more agile, risk tolerant, and experimental.

The authors draw on four years of research, conducted in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, surveying more than 16,000 people and conducting interviews with managers at such companies as Walmart, Google, and Salesforce. They introduce the concept of digital maturity―the ability to take advantage of opportunities offered by the new technology―and address the specifics of digital transformation, including cultivating a digital environment, enabling intentional collaboration, and fostering an experimental mindset. Every organization needs to understand its “digital DNA” in order to stop “doing digital” and start “being digital.”

Digital disruption won’t end anytime soon; the average worker will probably experience numerous waves of disruption during the course of a career. The insights offered by The Technology Fallacy will hold true through them all.

A book in the Management on the Cutting Edge series, published in cooperation with MIT Sloan Management Review.

Author, Keynote, President – Semantic Arts

Software Wasteland: How the Application-Centric Mindset is Hobbling our Enterprises

Know what’s causing application development waste so you can turn the tide. This is the book your Systems Integrator and your Application Software vendor don’t want you to read. Enterprise IT (Information Technology) is a $3.8 trillion per year industry worldwide. Most of it is waste.

We’ve grown used to projects costing tens of millions or even billions of dollars, and routinely running over budget and schedule many times over. These overages in both time and money are almost all wasted resources. However, the waste is hard to see, after being so marbled through all the products, processes, and guiding principles. That is what this book is about. We must see, understand, and agree about the problem before we can take coordinated action to address it.

There are so many things busy executives have to think about. Staying informed and curious is key to continued success in attaining business goals. Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Machine Learning are the elephant in the room. It’s big. It’s daunting. It’s complex. How can you wrap your head around the benefits without knowing how things work? These three books are ground zero in learning how to implement AI with your processes and most importantly, with your people. Who within your company is best equipped to lead this charge? It could be you. Being a first adopter rather than a late adapter changes your competitive advantage. Staying relevant with this critical knowledge sharing is meant to give you what you need to discern the tsunami of information coming at you.

We’re here to talk if you want to have a whiteboard session on what AI can look like for your organization. Get your AI Roadmap started today!

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