Covid-19 Employee Screening

CollectLogix - Creating a Safe Workplace in light of COVID-19

CollectLogix Benefits:

  • Employee confidence that you are providing a safe workplace
  • Instant reporting as an audit trail to mitigate risks of litigation
  • Quick factory or plant access in a safe manner
  • Easy set up and configuration by you
  • Upgrade path to other use-cases such as work support for in-field data gathering
  • Export of data to other BI tools
What Our Clients Have To Say

Kenneth Villarreal, Maintenance Leader at OXEA Chemical Company

“CollectLogix continues to prove its value in unexpected ways. The web-based app is flexible and userfriendly, it allows us to continue to find new uses. We recently created two rounds that were specifically built to document and analyze information during this global pandemic. The first, ‘Daily Virus Screening,’ is used to screen employees coming into the facility. The second, ‘Contact Board’, is used to capture employee interactions to continue to improve our social distancing practices.”

What You Need To Know About CollectLogix

What is CollectLogix?

A secure and progressive cloud-based handheld application used for the development, implementation, in-field use and reporting on employee screenings -- documenting a virus-free workplace on a daily or shift-by-shift basis and ensuring employees are returning to a safe working environment.

How can it be used to ensure a safe work environment?

CollectLogix provides a checklist for Daily Virus Screenings through which each employee must submit a list of answers to questions.

What is the cost of CollectLogix?

COVID pricing: $5,000.00 per physical location, no user limit. Contact us today for flexible financing options.

How fast can it be setup?

It can be set up and fully operational in one week.

Step-By-Step Process

Setting Up CollectLogix at Your Business

5 steps to setup collectlogix
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