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InCite Logix Is Partnered With World-Class AI Technology Partners

InCite Logix is partnered with world-class data science experts. They’re the navigators to the future of data and are creating a language for all with data semantics and ontologies.<br /> We’re pioneers in the technologies that are bringing next-gen solutions to problems thought unsolvable. Instead of harboring knowledge, we collaborate freely with global enterprise sharing information in books, blogs and online webinars. We’re a sharing economy and the way of the world today is to be transparent and generous. That’s our mantra at InCite Logix.

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Business Laboratory

Business Intelligence results from processes that have an underlying algorithm. Being able to create varying solutions by manipulating factors or elements of a process gives the decision-maker ways to optimize results without having to exhaust or underutilize resources. These tools are powerful and have applications far beyond what we can imagine. Advanced processing technology gives us infinite ways to reimagine outcomes.

Semantic Arts

Semantic Arts exists to help organizations transition to a newly emerging paradigm of information systems based on flexible data structures and deep semantics. By fully adopting the data-centric paradigm, firms will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their information systems ten-fold.

Global IDs

Today’s information professionals are confronted with challenges both internal and external to their organizations. The spectrum of priorities include data security, data privacy, data quality and data stewardship, which lay the foundation for corporate compliance and risk, market intelligence, data governance and cost management initiatives.

Can your people find and understand the data they need to make the right decisions? Make it easier for everyone to quickly find useful, accurate, trusted data.

  • Inventory data and analysis from the cloud, on-prem databases, tools, and teams
  • Connect data, metadata, and documentation
  • Unify search and discovery across your data ecosystem
HTX Labs

Learning methods and speeds vary from person to person. What works for one person may not work for another. Because we each process and decode information differently, mastery of skills occurs at vastly different paces and using different techniques and methods.

Why, then, are we surprised when employees don’t retain the information presented in one-size-fits-all presentations, videos and outdated manuals?

Answer this and more with UX immersive traning methods.


Do you have what it takes to join our team of data science experts? We actively partner with solution providers who think differently. Join us.