Trust the Process (TTP)

“Trust the Process” is a slogan that has recently come into vogue in the sports world. Trust the Process in sports means sticking to a well-grounded methodology to accomplish a long-term goal. In basketball, it is often associated with the NBA Philadelphia 76ers’ rebuilding process.

But for decades our team has always had a much bigger and broader meaning for Trust the Process or as we like to simply say, (TTP). We have used it to define our journey in both business and in life. We have had the belief that Trust the Process means that God is working in our lives, both business and personal, and that He will lead us to successful outcomes (by His definition), each and every time.

So, each time something goes right as we are building our current business, InCite Logix, we know that God has blessed the path we are on, but Trust the Process is even more evident in our failures. When we make mistakes, whether it is something strategic or tactical, we tell ourselves at each mistake, God clearly had something He needed to accomplish, either in a learning moment for us individually, or to grow our faith along our journey and to continue to help us understand that Trust the Process, always begins with the word “Trust”. You see Trust the Process requires that we trust in our belief that we are on the right path, that our actions are focused on the long-term goal, even in short term failure.

So it strikes me as ironic that as we begin this journey to build yet another successful cutting-edge technology company, in the age of cool buzzwords like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Knowledge, etc., that the foundation of our journey is grounded in something that is thousands of years old and something we are desperately trying to get our clients off of and that is paper! And on that paper, in Proverbs 3:5, God tells us to “Trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and don’t rely on our own understanding”.

So, as we kick off another journey with our eyes focused on creating some seriously cool tech, some super happy clients, and of course having a ton-of-fun on our journey, I see TTP as being the fundamental element and key to our success.

Stephen Covey wrote “When individuals are given the trust to execute, they are more likely to become engaged with the company and align more with its mission. A team with high trust motivates its members to retain that trust through excellence.”

As we begin 2019 with a focus on long term excellence and a plan to leverage all the amazing new team members and partners we have been blessed to be aligned with, I can’t wait to see where Trusting the Process is going to take us.

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